Are you a Christian author looking for an audience?

We’re looking for all types of Christian fiction to add to our collection and start new book clubs.  If you have at least one complete, full length, freely available story, that you think will be compatible with our site, send us a message.  If we like what we read, you could become part of the Heavenly Reads family.

We will not consider any material that contains profanity (including using the Lord’s name in vain), explicit sexual content, or gratuitous violence.  An overt Christian message is not necessary, but I probably won’t like anything that contradicts a Christian worldview.

Types of fiction of particular interest include: Young adult, New adult, Dystopian, Science fiction, Fantasy, Romance, and Historical romance.

Use the form below to send any inquiries or links.  Let us know who you are, what you write about, and where to find your story.  We’re not picky about formalities – we’re just looking for good reads.

C. M. Gibson