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The original.  The story that started it all.  You won’t be disappointed with this classic romantic tale.


Jesse’s God loved her.  That knowledge was her anchor, everything that she was.  He had promised that this life would be full of trouble.  She’d had her share of it, and never asked why.  She’d turned to him, and he’d wrapped his arms around her grief and held her together.

And then, one night, he left her.

She could not have imagined the pain.  The fear.  But the one who let her suffer is the one she needs.  She will find him again, in the one place she knows he will be.



New for August 2017!  The first in a beautiful new series from C. M. Gibson (me!).


She had always thought, if she could choose a gift, it would be the gift of prophecy.

It had gone out of style, like speaking in tongues.  Perhaps it was no longer necessary.  But if she had lived in those times, when God chose individuals to warn nations, she would have wanted to be a prophet.

Now, she’s rethinking that reckless wish.

Being chosen isn’t as easy as it looks.  Most of the time, it’s just confusing.  And often, downright terrifying.  Because knowing the future, is one thing.  Avoiding it, is another.


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