Hanna: Chapter 2

When Hanna did, eventually, find sleep, it was disturbed and fitful. She longed for the relief of deep unconsciousness, without ever reaching it. And she knew, in her semi-conscious anguish, that she would be useless in the morning. She should not have felt rested. The fact that she did, was cause for concern. She remembered […]

Hanna: Chapter 4

After recess, the rest of the morning was as easy as the first two classes. Almost annoyingly so. Hanna considered filling her essay on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” with spelling and grammatical errors, but couldn’t make herself do it. Instead, she turned the traditional theme into an exposition on the rationale behind summer […]

Hanna: Chapter 7

That afternoon, Hanna took her sisters to the public library. It was a short walk, even for Sarah. Their house was conveniently close to downtown. She left them in the children’s section, and went upstairs, to an area she had rarely frequented before: non-fiction. The second floor had towering ceilings, and felt more solemn and […]

Hanna: Chapter 9

Thankfully, no one had taught Yvonne how to hit. Hanna had never been slapped before, but after the initial reaction to the pain, she recovered very quickly. Shaken, more than anything. Half the class was out of their seats. Nathan Gowanloch was yelling “Girl fight!”. Tami Baker jumped up, screamed, and fell in a dead […]