About Me

Who is CM Gibson?  I am a writer of Christian fiction – who no one (but me) wants to publish.  I’m a student – going back to school while I recover from a 6-year foray into the profession of high school teacher.  I’m also a gardener, an auntie, a Canadian, and above all, a child of the one and only God of the universe.

When I’m not risking my mental health by stuffing ridiculous amounts of education in my head, I’m daydreaming: thinking up more stories, generally, but also planning for the day I can own chickens again.  Rhode Island Reds, for anyone who was wondering.  Cause really, is any other breed of chicken worthwhile?  I think not.

(Feel free to disagree – I can’t seem to enable comments here, but don’t worry – wherever you write about chickens, I’ll find it.)

~C.M. Gibson